Will Glenn Beck’s head explode?

How to not look like a total moron
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by Amanda Marcotte

For some reason, Jesse’s excellent post mocking a bunch of wingnuts for their “brilliant” plan to build a gay bar by the Cordoba House has brought a shitstorm of illiterate Twitter rantings at me from the sexually repressed and those lacking self-awareness or reading comprehension. You know, even though I didn’t write it. Their urge to gang up on a lady will not be thwarted by the fact that it wasn’t a she that called them out so much that they have nothing left to do but rave like lunatics.

I just have one thing to say. Just because their kids set them up on Twitter doesn’t mean they’re computer literate, or they may have done the first thing that occurred to me, which is to look and see if there are any gay bars within the vicinity of the Cordoba House. And lookie here, there are!

gay bars


Glenn Beck had a guest on that discussed getting back at the Cordoba House by building a gay bar next to them. ‘That’ll show those muslims, building a mosque where we don’t want one. How’ll they like being next to a gay bar?’

All a nice joke.

There was this interesting exchange, though:

BECK: Now, this is to teach what exactly? Tolerance —  
GUTFELD: Tolerance and communication.
BECK: Right.
GUTFELD: You know, the way that New York is going to accept the mosque, the mosque should accept a gay bar. You see that?
BECK: Yes.
GUTFELD: The correlation —
BECK: Now, as someone who wouldn’t want this gay bar built next to my church or, you know, a temple of mine, do you think it might be a little over the top?
GUTFELD: No. I think it has to be done, Glenn. It has to be done. And if I’m not the person to do it, somebody must do it.

So teach tolerance by building something that Beck states he himself wouldn’t want to be built next to his church. Exposing his hypocrisy is not too hard, especially when he is ‘joking.’

But what is great is that, as Amanda found through a short trip to the ‘Internets‘, there already are gay bars near the proposed building. Reality reveals that their joke is based on tired stereotypes rather than anything insightful.

Going to be tough for the neighborhood to support another gay bar if they really go through with this – not going to happen, although the idea charged up several pundits, with adjectives like inspired and brilliant.

Just for interest, the publishers of the softcore magazine, Juggs, are only 2 blocks away. I wonder if Glenn would allow the within 2 blocks of his church?

And, as I noticed when I ‘walked’ around the block at Google Maps, there is a ‘Gentlemen’s’ Club called NY Dolls right behind the site.

I do not think the builders of the Cordoba House missed that. I’d imagine Glenn would never want his church built so close to that club. But some people seem to have no problem.

2 thoughts on “Will Glenn Beck’s head explode?

    1. Yes, I do. In this instance, he was trying to be a funny provocateur on something that played to stereotypes that do not appear to apply to Cordoba House. The resulting twitterlanche to come up with a name for this mythical gay bar displayed a tremendous amount of very unfunny bigotry.

      I was more taken with the comment from Beck that he would not want a gay bar near his church. So they thought it was funny to display tolerance by building something that they have no tolerance for. I found that humorous. Perhaps it would be humorous to build a gay bar next to Beck’s church?

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