Nor does it support Arabic

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Still Doesn’t Support Hebrew
[Via Daring Fireball]

Also: worst URL ever? (Thanks to Joe Clark.)


2011 Office does not support any right to left languages. But it does support Finnish.

Apple language support is system wide, not by application. It not only has support for writing language like Hebrew or Arabic but language-specific dictionaries, such as Hebrew, can be added that are available system wide.

At least for programs that are up-to-date. So why does Office have to create its own set of tools?

In fact, not all of it does as the article states:

One application diverges from the others – Outlook. Since Outlook is using Webkit at its core, it benefited from Apple integrated proofing tools. Although more limited and with less languages available (“only” 12), it opened up new possibilities such as language detection which means, if you frequently send mails in different languages, you don’t have to go to your Tools menu to change the language option every time you write in a different language.

Sounds like part of Office uses Apple’s system-wide approach. Maybe someday the rest of Office will. Or just use iWork.

Perhaps then they could create a better URL.