Now these numbers for Macs are more believeable

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Regarding Mac Market Share Among College Students
[Via Daring Fireball]

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, quoting survey results from Student Monitor:

Among those who planned to purchase a new computer, 87% planned to buy a laptop. And among those students 47% planned to buy a Mac.

Among student laptop owners, Apple has the highest share, at 27 percent. These numbers are short of the claim by analyst Trip Chowdhry that “70% of incoming University freshman students are coming with Macs”, but they’re still remarkable, and the trend is very strong in Apple’s favor.


I wrote somewhat quizzically about another analyst’s numbers saying that 70% of students would be buying Macs. This is a little more believeable and bodes well for Mac sales.

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    1. Well, a long way to go for total world domination. Luckily for Apple, they do not requite that as a business model, while Microsoft apparently dies.

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