Medicare in better shape

Health Care Reform has extended life of Medicare
[Via AMERICAblog]


The new health care law has significantly improved the prognosis for Medicare, extending the life of its trust fund by 12 years until 2029, and thereby delaying any need for dramatic changes in benefits or revenues, according to a new report. The annual check-up from government actuaries overseeing the nation’s two central safety-net programs also found that Social Security continues to be much less of a problem than Medicare, and will remain in strong financial shape at least through 2037.’The financial outlook for the Medicare program is substantially improved as a result of the far-reaching changes in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,’ concludes the Medicare report — although the trustees warned that the improvements depend on the successful implementation of the law.


Looks like we have already done something to help Medicare last, increasing the life of the fund 12 years. Sounds like a nice beginning.

2 thoughts on “Medicare in better shape

  1. Who or what is AmericaBlog? Why should I believe him? The cuts to Medicare are what makes it look as if it is going to last. It is going to be up to more bureaucrats to decide if you live or die and one won’t have any choice in the matter since you won’t be able to buy private insurance. The comments on this blog know this.

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