Why we have such great sunsets this time of year?

Why did smoke cause the a reddish sun?
[Via Cliff Mass Weather Blog]

On Sunday a number of you noted the reddish color of the sky and the orange-red hue of the sun. I mentioned in my blog that day that this was the result of smoke from wildfires, blowing in from BC (the main origin) and eastern Washington.

But why does smoke cause the red coloration?

The reason? The scattering of light by small particles in the atmosphere–also known as Rayleigh Scattering. It also explains why the sky is blue!


NIce explanation with pictures.

We get a lot of haze in the air from smoke and such. And then, this time of year, it takes a long time for the sun to get below the horizon. Part of the fun for being so far North; during the wintr the Sun is over the horiszon in the blibk of an eye.