We need some very specific denials from Google

android cell phone by Johan Larsson

Google, Champion of Net Neutrality
[Via Daring Fireball]

Cecilia Kang:

Specifically, Google and Verizon’s agreement could prevent Verizon from offering some prioritization to the biggest bidders who want better delivery of content on its DSL and fiber networks, according to the sources. But that wouldn’t apply to mobile phones, the sources said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the companies have not officially made their announcement.

So Verizon and Google agree that net neutrality applies to Verizon’s DSL and fiber networks, where Google and Verizon have no shared interest. But mobile, where Verizon and Google are partners? Verizon can totally fuck over anyone except Android?

Imagine the uproar if Apple and AT&T worked out such a deal.


Apple has gotten skewered on rumors less substantial than this. It would seem that there would be some sort of restraint of trade entanglement of Verizon worked a deal with Google to give priority on the Internet to Android mobile phones sold by Verizon.

Any anti-Google people out there at all?

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  1. Remember Google said they would only do good? Does this sound like anything talking but money? Is that doing “good”?

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