False narratives in high technology

can of sardines by House Of Sims

[Via Daring Fireball]

From page 3 of Eric Zeman’s comparison of the iPhone 4 and Droid X:

The iPhone 4 won’t support applications built in-house by businesses. All iPhone apps must be approved by Apple and are only distributed through the iPhone App Store. Enterprise app writers can develop for Android handsets, which support non-market applications to be installed. This gives the Droid X a slight advantage when it comes to apps.

Yes, if only the iPhone supported an enterprise development system that didn’t route through the App Store, that’d be a heck of a feature. I bet it’d be successful, too.


It is so easy to check one’s facts. In fact, the commenters quickly correct the writer. Yet, his article still maintains factually incorrect information.

It is one thing to make a mistake. We are all human and things get through. But, when one is discussing why one system is better than another, then one should work to get the facts right and, when it is pointed out that one has gotten facts wrong, to correct what one has written. It makes the reader wonder about all the other facts that are mentioned. Are they also factually incorrect?

As many people have said, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but they are not entitled to their own facts.” I wonder if his Cargo Cult World uses a sardine can to represent a cell phones? Because his Smartphone Death Match seems to have just about the same connection with reality.