Ballmer counts the iPad as a PC

What Happens to Market Share Numbers If You Count the iPad as a Portable Computer?
[Via Daring Fireball]

Answer: Apple shoots from number seven to number three in worldwide portable computer sales. And the growth curve is even more striking.

And what’s the argument against counting the iPad as a portable computer? The average selling price is higher than most Windows laptops. “Netbooks” count. Is it because the iPad’s OS didn’t have a 1.0 in the 1980s?


The head of Microsoft has said that the iPad is just a PC, so why not go by his nomenclature? Here is the relevant graph:


But take a big look at the trends. All the other companies are on a downward trend. But not apple. in fact, here is what the growth trends look like, both with and without the iPad:

apple growth

It will be very interesting to see how long Apple can continue this growth. If it is able to for a couple of more quarters, it will be the largest maker of mobile computing devices.

Just think, the largest manufacturer would not have Windows on it! For the first time in forever the OS for a major computing category will not be made by Microsoft.

Perhaps Ballmer will want to change his definition.