A single graphic demonstrating how scientists percieve climate change and the public

Visually depicting the disconnect between climate scientists, media and the public
[Via Skeptical Science]

Matthew Glover at Renegade Conservatory Guy has created a telling visual on the disconnect between the scientific consensus on global warming, how the media portray the science and subsequent public opinion:

As there’s plenty of detail, there’s also a PDF version of the graphic (the above graphic also links directly to the PDF). The PDF also includes hyperlinks to the peer-reviewed papers where Matthew got his figures. While the graphic is quite simple and clear in how it presents the data, there’s plenty of meat in there to chew over. Discuss…


Seems pretty clear that the media are doing an inadequate job explaining the facts as understood by scientists to the public. Almost makes one wonder why the media is doing such a bad job educating the public? Because at one time the Fourth Branch was almost an equal with the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of our government. Now it is as seemingly corrupt and uninterested in the needs of the public as the other three branches have become.

Sometimes I wish George Carlin was still alive and we could ask him if this is still his viewpoint – NSFW since it is George Carlin. It is not really very funny but not meant to be, I think.

2 thoughts on “A single graphic demonstrating how scientists percieve climate change and the public

  1. Richard – I think the media problem is at the core of most confusion today and it is this: that it uses “balance” as its trust generator.

    So every issue has to have another side and the media sits silent in the middle.

    So every statement about warming is counterbalanced by the opposite. Giving immense credibility and a voice to those that wish it to be otherwise.

    Same with all issues – look at the lies that are commonplace about immigration, food, terror etc.

    This then gives those who are not interested in the truth a pulpit – a process and power.

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