Starcraft II trials [Updated]

starcraft by ~deiby

My son has been looking forward to Starcraft II coming out. He was downloading the trial version yesterday. 7 GBytes!! It was not only taking forever but was preventing us from doing much also.

So, when he left last night to play indoor soccer, I stopped his download and left him an early birthday present – the full version of Starcraft that I was planning on giving him anyway in a couple of days.

Well, he was very excited but that excitement has turned into the sort of debacle that I have not had in quite a while – the game specifications are too powerful for his Macbook.

I had checked online and, even though his laptop is a few years old, It plays the other Blizzard game – World of Warcraft – okay. And I found lots of examples of the Starcraft II beta running on his model Macbook. So I thought there would be no problem.

But the final release does not support his laptop. It will load and he gets the audio but the video is just hosed. HIs laptop simply does not have the video performance.

So, I tried it on my wife’s Macbook, which is pretty much the same but with a slightly better – but still unsupported – video section. It runs. Not with all the bells and whistles but it runs.

Then I loaded it on my backup laptop – a 17 inch Macbook Pro which has a separate video card and lots of performance. It is about 3 years old but was top of the line then.

The sucker heats up like an oven but it works and he is busily playing it with a thick towel on his lap. Time to get a lap cooler with fans.

I guess his laptop may be getting to the end of its lifetime. Time to look at some refurbished Macs, I guess.

[UPDATE: I do not mean that I am looking at a new computer for my son because it won’t play a game. Usually, at least with Macs, you know when it has reached its end of day-to-day usage when it starts getting too slow to run up-to-date software. Games are just the first thing to pop up. Next, it will be something really important, like a video for a class or something.The laptop is almost 4 years old so I was expecting something like this. Just hoping it can make it maybe one more year. BUt Apple does have noce deals on refurbished machines.]

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  1. Thanks. I’ve been following the forums there with many areas that need to be patched. I had checked to see if the laptop would work, even though it was not supported. During the beta, people reported playing the game, But, since it is not supported, they have made no special care to make sure the final version worked.

    Not blaming them just observing that necessary specs for new games and software are making the laptop seem obsolete. At east it took 4 years this time, rather than 2.

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