Do they really understand their business?

telephone by zigazou76

It’s even worse than it appears
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The Common Errors of Telecom CEOs, by Rudolf van der Berg, is required reading for anybody who cares about the future of the Internet, and whose hands it’s in.


These all hit things right on the head. The telecoms – at least in America – just do not seem to really understand their business model.

Or, more likely, they understand completely, as they control enough of the regulatory apparatus enough to make sure that they never really have to compete. That could explain why the US is so far behind much of the rest of the world in broadband communications.

We’d probably still be using the phone pictured above if they had their way.

One thought on “Do they really understand their business?

  1. As a disruptive innovator, I have been complaining about the CEO’s in Telecoms for almost 45 years. At least, when AT&T was a monopoly, I knew who to yell at. Now they have so many departments, it is ridiculous. It took me 5 months to find out why I couldn’t get wireless at my house when I was told online that I COULD get it. Only one person in the whole company, apparently, had the right screen that showed I was a “legacy” costumer. In the meantime, they took my money monthly for regular service, but weren’t interested in getting more of it. All in the name of cutting down on service people.
    I have also complained bitterly online when I run into a site that has been set up by an idiot IT. The best ones, I think, have been done in-house.

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