A movie catalog for the iPad [UPDATED]

Delicious Monster’s Delicious Library has been my goto program to keep track of DVDs, books and CDs. I can scan in the items using the incorporated barcode scanner and the program does the rest, linking to Amazon to give me all the information about the item.

And I have a lot of items. So, I’ve been waiting for them to come out with something for the iPad (there is an app for the iPhone but it really does not take advantage of the iPads features.) Until they do, I’ve discovered an app that may come close – Movies HD.

It has a lot of the features I want and will allow me to check on things while out shopping. For instance, Barnes and Noble is having a 50% off Criterion Collection movies until August 2. I have a lot of them and would love to fill in spaces. I hope to be able to whip out my iPad and, using Movies HD, make sure I know which ones I already have.

So, I am now moving over my Delicious Library files to the iPad. There is a nice FAQ that details how to do this. I have gotten about 10% of the library moved over. I’ll update later how it worked.

[UPDATE: Okay, it took a while but everything looks like it got moved over. It looks very handy, with a CoverFlow view included along with the normal bookshelf view. I’ve noticed a couple of small glitches – all of them have the same purchase date (Jan 22, 1970) that I may have to figure out. But I can easily touch the SEEN spot to let the app know I have seen a DVD. I can then filter for ones that I have not seen. I’m going to have a little fun with this.]