Cleaning out my newsfeeds

I use NetNewswire to collect RSS newsfeeds for me to follow, which now number just a couple shy of 500.

There is no way I could follow all those websites by visiting manually. But using a great newsreader like NetNewswire allos me to rapidly examine thousands of posts and then to comment on a few of them for my own work.

Right now I have almost 28,000 posts that are unread. Almost half of those come from news sites, such as the Seattle Times (2600), BBC (2500), NYT (1600). I do not read them every day, as most of the articles I would find important also get filtered into some of my specific feeds, dealing with high tech, science, politics, climate, etc. I skim the main feeds about once a week to to see if anything fell through the cracks.

Many sites I read daily. Almost all get checked at least once a week. And every so often I have to clean house, deleting newsfeeds that are no longer being updated. I do that about once a quarter and today is the day.