Will an apology by Contador be enough?

You’ve got to love the internet. Contador has done something unique in my experience. It deals with his actions today in the Tour de France. He has posted an apology video on YouTube.

He must have heard an earful from the peloton. So he uses YouTube to make a very public expression of regret. He states that maybe he made a mistake and that he is sorry. He gives a mea culpa apparently captured by a handheld videocamera in his room!

Think of that. The night of a potential error of character, he posts a video, from a small room in France, saying he was sorry and reminding people that Fair Play is very important to him.

This could simply not have happened in any previous Tour. The technologies were just not there. Now the whole world hears his apology.

I have to say I am really impressed. He says he made a mistake. He reminds people of the things he has done in the past that demonstrate his recognition of Fair Play. He hopes he and Andy will be okay.

Will it be enough? Perhaps. I think he would show real class if he lets Schleck regain the jersey tomorrow and then crushes him in the Time Trial. That is just me. The peloton will decide shortly.

But this is a very unexpected event and I am sure will make some ripples in the peloton.