Contador needs to let Schleck have the yellow jersey back

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Contador should show some real leadership tomorrow – He needs to let Schleck beat him tomorrow, in order to win. [A longer version of this post is at SpreadingScience]

Contador may have to make abeyance to the peloton for what he did today. Otherwise, there could be some really dangerous times ahead for him. The peloton is not happy. I think he may purposefully give back the yellow jersey tomorrow to Schleck.

Contador, who is such a good time trialist that he can probably overcome a 90 second deficit in the last time trial later this week, broke a major peloton rule today. The yellow jersey, Andy Schleck, attacked on a steep hill and slipped a gear, forcing him to stop. Contador took unfair advantage of this mechanical problem to take the yellow jersey away.

I have watched the replays several times to see what happened next.

The ‘rules’ state that no one else attacks until the yellow jersey regains his bike. You do not take unfair advantage just so you can wear the yellow jersey.

Another rider, Alexandre Vinokourov, had been sprinting with Schleck. He immediately slowed down. As expected.

Not Contador. From several meters behind Schleck, he attacked hard, passing the yellow jersey and continued on. Well after Schleck was obviously in trouble. By doing this he violated the rules and put himself into the yellow jersey at the end of the day. Schleck tried hard to come back but was not allowed to by Contador.

Interestingly, Vinokourov showed the honor and respect usually displayed by race leaders. He is on the same team as Contador and could have kept up with him. Having a teammate along with him would have helped Contador gain even more time.

Instead, Vinkourov finished in the same time as Schleck. He did not take advantage of the mechanical failure. He followed the ‘rules.’

When Contador put on the yellow jersey, I heard audible boos from the crowd, the first time I had ever heard such a thing. There was a lot of unhappiness all around. Schleck vowed revenge.

Contador is only 8 seconds ahead of Schleck. He should be able to make up a lot of time in the time trial. Tomorrow, he could sit back and let Schleck pick up 30 seconds or so, putting things back to where they were. Schleck puts on the yellow jersey, things are back to normal, the peloton is happy and Contador comes out looking great, displaying the honor and leadership the peloton looks for.

And he can still win it all at the time trial.

Contador has shown himself capable of fixing things when he breaks a rule. He did this on an earlier stage when circumstances made him pass and beat a teammate, one who had been out in front for some time. A Tour leader does not need to win every stage to win the Tour and usually the other team members are allowed to win a stage to reward them. But Contador took that away from his own teammate, who was visibly unhappy at the result.

What happened the next stage? Contador and the other team members made sure that this unhappy teammate was rewarded. They made sure he won the next stage.

Interestingly, the unhappy teammate was Vinokourov, the same one who followed the rules today. Perhaps Contador will again fix things. That would be really amazing.

[More about the rules of the peloton and community at SpreadingScience]

3 thoughts on “Contador needs to let Schleck have the yellow jersey back

  1. I am not sure that Contador understands the rules at all. This is not the first time we have seen him flout an unspoken rule. Maybe that is why he tries always to lead; so the peloton won’t crash him! Remember the movie “Breaking Away”?

  2. Team tactics would dictate Vino could not have passed another rider with Contador up the road and essentially pulled that rider back to his own teammate and team leader, Contador. Those were the rules Vino was following.

    1. Perhaps, after Contador had passed and was on the attack. But Vinokourov had already slowed down to stay with Schleck. Then Contador came blazing past. If Vinokourov had been playing the same game as Contador, he would have kept going, pulling Contador up with him.

      At the decision point when Schleck’s chain came out and he slowed, Vinokourov made the right decision and Contador did not.

      That is why Contador gave his mea culpa on YouTube. He would not have done that if he truly felt he had made the correct decision.

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