The Green Lantern Uniform is awesome but I loved it for infra-yellow

Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern costume revealed! [Green Lantern]
[Via io9]

Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern costume revealed! Check out your first look at Warner Brother’s new Green Lantern costume, on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. So what do you think of our new Hal Jordan? Should those who worship evil’s might be worried? UPDATE: More images added.

Click on the image for the super high res. version. The Green Lantern EW issues is on stands July 16. And will also have a sneak peek at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Thor, Tron: Legacy and more. [Thanks Denise!]


Green Lantern was actually my favorite DC comic in the 70s. A man whose sheer will allowed him to do incredible things. But there were always such silly things happening – io9 has collected several.

One particular Green Lantern panel has stuck with me for over 30 years. One that was so silly that I laughed out loud at the time. We would just call it “Show Logic” now. Luckily, someone else has posted it.


The relevant transcript: “No wonder my ring has no effect on the creature! It’s giving off an invisible golden light — a sort of infra-yellow color -!*
*Editor’s Note! Just as infra-red is invisible red light so infra-yellow is invisible yellow light!

The need for the editor’s note to explain things is pure genius. Not only do they completely make something up, they have to stop the story to explain it to us, in a way that is some sort of pidgin science. It’s like even they knew it was too silly to let fly past without some sort of explanation.

“Just as infra-red …” almost sounds reasonable but is just so wrong. Wouldn’t it be cool though if there was such a thing as infra-yellow?

To this day, I use the phrase ‘infra-yellow’ to refer to any sort of outrageous technobabble statement on some science fiction show.

I really hope they find a way to include infra-yellow in the new Green Lantern movie.

2 thoughts on “The Green Lantern Uniform is awesome but I loved it for infra-yellow

  1. Hey you know that thing you love from your childhood?
    I am going to rape it and make it something so bad you will actually throw up in your mouth!
    I hate hollywood.
    Shame on you Ryan R for agreeing to put that costume on.

    1. Perhaps. Hope springs eternal. But then, in my opinion, DC has also ruined Green Lantern, and others, over the years. As well as made them great. Same with Marvel. Happens when art is under the control of accountants.

      Besides, at least Reynolds has the right look. I still can not figure out how Seth Rogen is going to make it as the Green Hornet.

      But then Hollywood made me believe that Adrian Brody was an action hero so anything is possible.

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