Andy says it

Andy Ihnatko on Antennapalooza
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Andy Ihnatko:

Steve Jobs didn’t fall to his knees, rend his garment, clap his hands together, and beg for forgiveness from users and stockholders.

This has upset many people.

These people are idiots.


Andy Ihnatko has always had the best view on Apple. Be sure and read his excellent column in the Chicago Sun-Times. Here is a taste:

When I was preparing my review, I discovered the loss-of-signal problem almost immediately. But I only experienced it sporadically. It’s irrelevant to me anyway: I actually prefer to carry my iPhone in a bumper case. And the remainder of the iPhone 4’s improvements — the new display, the new camera, the faster 3G upload speeds (by a factor of 4) and the improved WiFi and GPS radios — more than make up for that 1 dropped call in 100.