Signal loss in the iPhone is a feature that could help us lose weight

obese by Tobyotter

Apple is really providing a great business opportunity for someone – use the signal attenuation feature of the iPhone 4 to determine how much fat someone has on their body. Help us lose weight.

For over 20 years it has been known that different body compositions result in different electrical impedances.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis is used to determine fat content. It examines the flow of electricity through the human body. Different fat contents provide different impedance readings.

People with higher free-fat mass have lower impedance levels. More fat, more impedance and greater loss in signal. Handheld devices to measure this can cost a fair amount of money.

Impedance is how the radio signal of the iPhone is attenuated.

Someone should develop an app for the iPhone. The Death Grip becomes a positive feature not available in any other phone. Simply hold the iPhone the ‘right’ way and the loss in signal can be used to determine how fat you are. The greater the signal loss, the more fat is present.

Then use this to keep track of how well your weight loss program is doing.

See, Apple really wants to help us lose weight and become less obese. And no other cell phone, not an Android or a Blackberry, can do this as well as the iPhone.

[This is only slightly snarky. It may be that people with different impedances due to body fat affect the attenuation of the signal differently but I do not think the iPhone would be sensitive enough to be very accurate. Maybe someone with more expertise could tell me differently.]

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