I sometimes wish there was an alternative to Best Buy

iPhone vs Evo

I had to buy a new TV so I headed down to the nearby Best Buy to check them out. I don’t really like Best Buy but they bought out my favorite electronics store, Magnolia. At least they now have a Magnolia store inside Best Buy where I can pretend it is like the old days.

After spending 15 minutes looking at the various sizes, I had a couple of questions. I wandered around in electronics – no one in a blue shirt. I walked through the nice Magnolia Store section – fake wood walls, nice comfy sofas – and not a single person from Best Buy.

I finally asked some people at the Comcast desk there if they could help. We both searched for someone. No luck.

She called in for help and then said perhaps she could help. Help she did and answered my questions. So I walked out of there with a nice new TV but not too happy. Best Buy continues to have the worst service if there is a question. I had hoped that incorporating Magnolia would at least give me some small amount of help/ Why have a high end section without anyone there?

And then I find out that the guy who put up that side-splitting, if NSFW, video is being canned by Best Buy. They asked him to resign and he smartly said no. Make them fire him.

There is nothing in the video that mentions Best Buy at all. At least now he says he can concentrate on his graphic stuff. Considering that his video got over a million views in a day indicates that this may be a much more useful thing for him to do. Heck, xtranormal.com should work with him because he just gave them a ton of free publicity.

Well, no service and no sense of humor – it has become apparent to me that I will look elsewhere for my electronics needs. Amazon does just as well with price and actually provides me with better service – by mail.