Two examples of how modern technology enhances understanding

Explaining Complex Concepts with Sophisticated Infographic Animations
[Via information aesthetics]

This week, at least 2 instructive movies appeared that use various forms of infographic animation to explain some complex phenomena, ranging from the intrinsics of baseball pitching over the various technicalities of drilling oil spill relief wells.

Watch below how BP tries to inform the public about the technical details of its relief well drilling efforts, which also includes the exact video explanation BP uses internally for their own personnel currently present on their rigs. Except of the amount of jargon and the various abbreviations, the movie does make clear why this operation seems to take so long. For those interested, the static infographic can be downloaded at BP’s website.

Or watch the The New York Times infographic animation How Mariano Rivera Dominates Hitters [] and learn about the differences between a ‘fastball’, a ‘cutter’ and a ‘slider’. This movie also includes an impressive frame-freeze that highlights the potential ball trajectories at the exact moment the batter must makes the swing decisions. (via @blprnt)


The baseball infographic is outstanding. The NYT is outstanding here, especially with its sports graphics (the World Cup realtime reports are fun to watch while watching the game.

Here, we take something baseball does really well – collect a lot of information – and put it into a visual form that many can instantly get. The demonstration of the different spins from different pitches is wonderful.

I’d love to see another one dealing with someone like Jamie Moyer, who has succeeded by having great control, ball placement and change of speed.