The Hand of Death is not an iPhone only problem.

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‘How Do You Hold Your Nokia?’

[Via Daring Fireball]

Nokia makes hay of iPhone 4 reception issue. (Via Matt Drance.)

Update: Instructions for how to hold the Nokia 2320. And, even better, here’s video showing a Nokia E71 with the exact same problem.


Watch the video of the Nokia E71. It was posted May 26, long before the iPhone Hand of Death problems. The Nokia does exactly the same thing as the iPhone has been accused of.

So why so much negative hype against Apple rather than also against Nokia? It simply makes a better story with the iPhone because no one really cared about the Nokia back in May; the video has 622 views as of today. Raining on someone’s parade is a raison d’être for many.

Much better to tell a misleading story that feeds an incorrect narrative than actually report. That is how most media outlets do it.