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Touch the research you need – new PLoS iPad App
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In just over 2 months since the iPad launch, PLoS has released a dedicated iPad app, that covers all the PLoS Journals, available free from the App Store.

We are one of the first academic journal publishers to do this with thanks to the talented developer Tom Brow, who has made mobile browsing of our journals easier than ever (watch this 1.5 minute video demo which was filmed by Bruce Wismer and edited by Matt Agnello, the Hungry Filmaker).

The PLoS Journals iPad application lets you:

  • Browse and share from anywhere over 3G or Wifi
  • Keep an archive of articles for offline reading
  • Turn pages with a satisfying flick and scroll between them
  • Magnify pages should you wish

PLoS is committed to continue pushing the boundaries of scientific communication. We’re delighted that both this and our first iPhone app (from PLoS Medicine) were created for us pro bono by the developers – something that would not be possible without our Open Access Licence from Creative Commons, which provides a rich source of content for experimentation and creative reuse.


This is a very nice first attempt particularly for an app that was done pro bono. The pages actually turn and, because everything is open, you can read any articles without having to go through a pay wall.

I wish more science publishers had apps this useful, at least for reading. Nature has an app but not optimized for the iPad. I find it very painful to read. I really wish Highwire Press would go this route. They are the largest publisher of Open Access articles. Having an easy to use app like the one from PLoS would be awesome.

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  1. But if all science is open access, the poor, uneducated fools might find out all the witch doctors already know!

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