They should never win

Creationists suffer another legal defeat
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Some good news from Texas! Yeehaw!

The Institute for Creation Research — one of the biggest nonsense-peddlers in the 6000 year history of the world — was handed a nice defeat this week. That link to the National Center for Science Education (the good guys) has all the info you need, but to summarize: the ICR moved from California to Texas. In the previous state, for reasons beyond understanding, they were able to grant Master’s degrees in their graduate school. But Texas didn’t recognize their accreditation, so they filed to get it approved.

Not so surprisingly, scientists and educators rose in protest, and in 2008 the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board — the organization that grants accreditation — denied the ICR. The creationists appealed. In the meantime, they also tried to extend their ability to grant degrees temporarily while the lawsuit continued. What happened this week is that the extension as denied.


A nice but small victory for rationality. Let’s hope it continues and they are denied accreditation. That is what denialists deserve.

2 thoughts on “They should never win

    1. Not necessarily given the current trend in developing textbooks for Texas. What happened is that in california, the ICR was accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. Texas does not recognize this group.

      ICR want to be newly accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. While it is waiting for this accreditation, it hoped to essentially get a waiver to offer graduate degrees. Texas denied this.

      So ICR will not be able to give out graduate degrees until it is properly accredited. I would assume that once it is, Texas will probably permit it to provide graduate degrees.

      That is why I said they SHOULD never win. Most likely they will in this case, thus making Texas as ‘stupid’ as California. There are some interesting discussions online about what happened in California and will likely happen in Texas.

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