Canary in a coal mine?

sea cucumberby laszlo-photo

Mass Murder of Sea Cucumbers near the Deepwater Site
[Via Deep Sea News]

The ‘hidden’ ecological catastrophe is manifesting itself…. Starting yesterday night we have been seeing a large number of dead sea cucumbers floating on the surface. These animals live on the bottom of the ocean where they feed on sediment and suspended organic matter. I would estimate the number of dead sea cucumbers to be . . . → Read More: Mass Murder of Sea Cucumbers near the Deepwater Site


The death of large numbers of sea cucumbers is very worrisome. They are often the most prevalent of animals in the deep ocean. The video here gives you an idea of how richly populated deep water is.

The Census of Marine Life seems to be in a race against time with our destructive actions. There will be a discussion on the Deepwater Oil Spill by members of the Census on Friday. May be worth watching to hear some scientists involved.


4 thoughts on “Canary in a coal mine?

  1. As long as scientists are held hostage by various interest groups, I will wonder how much accurate info we are getting.

    1. Can you give me some instances of independent researchers held hostage by various interest groups? Are we getting ALL the information? Most likely not since there are lawyers involved. But I fail to see where researchers as a group are being forced to provide inaccurate information because of some special interest, so I would love some examples.

  2. The scientists who compiled the report on the six month moratorium in the Gulf and then were screwed by the government. They have complained, but nothing has been done. Makes them look pretty complicit with the administration.

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