Many companies would like to be in this fix

600,000 iPhone 4s pre-ordered, Apple apologizes for issues
[Via Engadget]

We were amazed last night to see both Apple and AT&T sell out of iPhone 4 pre-order units despite the sustained ordering issues, and now we know why: Apple managed to move 600,000 iPhones in just a single day. Yes, that’s a lot — Apple says it’s the largest number of pre-orders it’s ever taken in one day, and AT&T says it’s ten times as many orders as it took for the iPhone 3GS. It’s not all sunshine and roses, though; Apple’s also apologizing to the large numbers of people who simply couldn’t get through yesterday, and AT&T’s suspended pre-orders entirely until the device is in stock. We’re guessing AT&T might also be putting the stopper on things while it gets those pesky security issues under control, but there’s a chance the carrier is just trying to deal with the insane order volume coming from Apple’s servers — it served up 13 million eligibility checks yesterday, shattering the previous record by three times. All in all, it looks like Apple has a hot item on its hands here — almost too hot to handle.


They sold 600,000 in less than 1 day. They sold all their pre-stock. And the white ones aren’t even on sale yet. I hope they can ramp up to meet demand. This is pretty amazin.