GoodReader for iPad just got to be GreatReader

goodreader by ChrisDag

GoodReader for iPad adds VGA output, performance boost
[Via Macworld]

GoodReader for iPad, Good.iWare’s acclaimed all-purpose reader, has received an update to version 2.8, adding support for horizontal page turning for PDF files, VGA-out, and a few other goodies.


Lots of performance boosts and increased readability in the new Good Reader but getting video out is a huge plus for me. At the moment, Keynote is the only presentation type app I have that will display video through the adapter.

Now I can use GoodReader to do the same thing but with PDFs. Since I can save all sorts of material as PDFs, even desktop Keynote presentations, this gives me greater flexibility of sources for presenting.

I may not get the great transitions, etc from Keynote but I can take someone else’s Powerpoint and just make a PDF of it rather than fiddle with Keynote, which often does some interesting things to Powerpoint.

Keynote is still the best way to create presentations but it requires tethering to a laptop with Keynote already on it to work on the iPad. Not so with GoodReader. I can sync wirelessly to a computer over WiFi, get the presentation as a PDF and go. It may even work with a PC (not having one handy, I can only guess.)

Wireless syncing and video out make GoodReader one of my most important apps on the iPad.