A further sign of the evilness that is Apple

Become a World Cup nuisance with the iVuvuzela iPhone app
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If you’ve been watching the 2010 World Cup at all, you’ve undoubtedly heard that annoying background noise, in the form of a horn, that lasts for the excruciating duration of each match. What you’re hearing, to be precise, is a Vuvuzela.

“A Vuvuzela?” you ask. Why yes. A vuvuzela, also known as a stadium or blowing horn, is a a meter long contraption that unleashes a somewhat irritating sound, the effects of which are only amplified when you have a stadium filled with thousands of people blowing their vuvuzelas at the same time. The horn is quite popular in South Africa, and by extension, was introduced to most of the world when World Cup play began last Friday.

Many folks, though, are endlessly irritated by the sound, and it can certainly put a damper on listening to the play by play on TV. Still, the folks lucky enough to attend the World Cup matches in South Africa apparently think otherwise.

But what about all the folks who want to get in on the horn blowing action but weren’t able to hop on a plane to South Africa? Well, iPhone developers have proven themselves quite adept at incorporating the latest trends and fads into fly by night iPhone apps.


The stadium horn is pretty popular in South America also. My son and I were at a US women vs Mexico friendly a few years back and some Mexican fans showed up with 3 if these. It was upsetting to the little girls severa rows up and their father asked the guys if they could please stop because his daughter wanted to watch the game.

The look on the faces of those 3 guys was priceless. How can you watch a game and not make noise? They apparently figured that Seattle people were crazy and left, so the man and his daughters could enjoy the game in peace in quiet.

I would imagine that listening to several thousand of these could be tremendously annoying. And Now Apple brings that sound everywhere.

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  1. Do the people complaining about the Vevezula realize how racist they sound? Since, apparently, the only ones who use it are people of color. The man’s daughter has to be able to HEAR in order to WATCH the game?! We have found that watching TV with it making noise in the background is like having white noise cancel out the background noise so one can hear the play by play guys better. I am sure that some people who aren’t use to it find it annoying, but, then, I find cow bells, etc. very annoying, but have never had the nerve to ask someone to stop.

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