The best way to ‘watch’ a Cup game

The NYTimes Visualization of Live World Cup Football Statistics
[Via information aesthetics]

Last week was one mainly dominated by the introduction of compelling data visualizations depicting real-time football statistics, with entries such as VisualSport, Adidas Match Tracker, a real-time World Cup Visualiser iPad app and a Total Football 2010 iPhone app.

Today, infographic powerhouse The New York Times has entered this emerging arena as well: their blog “Goal” [] now features a new data analysis module that delivers detailed football match information in real-time, after which it acts as a detailed interactive archive once the game has finished. A live module also appears on the homepage of The New York Times – Global Edition.


Having this running while watching the game is a lot of fun. It provides heat maps and shows where the major action is minute by minute. I really wish some of the analysts would use something simlar to tell people what is going on.