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microsoft word by Rob Enslin

Microsoft reveals Office for Mac 2011 will be 32-bit only
[Via AppleInsider]

Set for release this fall, Microsoft’s forthcoming Office for Mac 2011 will only be available as a 32-bit product because it hasn’t completely transitioned to Cocoa for Mac OS X.


How many years has Cocoa been out? While I am glad that MS is finally getting out a new Office – and the MAcBU guys at MS are really doing yeoman’s work – the Mac version never does seem to use all the advantages that the Mac has to offer.

Office has always seemed to be an attempt to make the Mac look like a PC. Things I do on every other Mac application do not do the same thing in Office.

I transitioned to Keynote years ago. I have been doing more and more with Pages and Numbers recently because of the iPad. They act like Mac applications and I get more done. Heck, I even use them to create graphics that I cut and paste around. Easier to do than Illustrator, for sure.