Plumbing issues

Well, our sink drain was clogged last night and I could not clear it – checked the trap and tried a plunger. Called in the plumber and it has been a really enlightening wreck of a day.

Snaking it was not completely effective, so he used a water jet, which just sent disgusting water to our UPSTAIRS bathroom. Yep, the guys who built this house tied in the upstairs sinks directly with the downstairs sink.

So, when he stopped the water flow, all the fetid water that had gone upstairs flew out the downstairs drain. Stinky water everywhere. Looks like they have that cleaned up now but 2 hours in we still do not have anything fixed.

The plumbers who built this house just screwed up the plumbing in this area. When we moved in, there was a leak from the upstairs shower because they had simply forgotten to connect 2 pipes. Had to cut through the ceiling underneath and fix.

And do not get me started on the electrical.