Seems like old times only with Apple vs Google

Tips and Tricks to Extending the HTC EVO 4G and Incredible’s Battery Lif
[Via Daring Fireball]

Sounds like fun.


Like the early battles of the Mac OS and Windows, one system just let’s you do things without worrying and the other requires all sorts of workarounds to function. As Daring Fireball mentioned on another post – although with respect to Adobe, but the sentiment is the same – it is like having them “speaking English as a second language. You can see the logic behind the thinking, but the result is utterly weird and wrong to a native speaker.”

I guess we will fight the same battle between an OS that just let’s you do what you want but is not free versus one that is free but makes you jump through hopes to use. I do think, though, that battery life is a big hurdle in the mobile world. Apple appears to have found a ay around this in some novel ways with the iPad. I t will be interesting to see if this also holds true for the iPhone. And whether tablets from others based on Android can up their battery life.

Otherwise Apple will win this going away.