Adobe still does not get the iPad

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Wired’s iPad App: Pictures of Text
[Via Daring Fireball]

Joe Clark on the severe shortcomings of Adobe’s “digital viewer technology”, as presented in the Wired magazine iPad app:

There’s no live text, meaning there’s no search. It also means there’s no accessibility on the first computers that are accessible by default if you the developer do no extra work at all. (Follow the spec exactly and your app is accessible right away.) Think of how much effort it takes to blow an opportunity like that.

No copy and paste, either.


They just do not really get that this is a fundamentally different way of interacting with text and pictures. This is like the first TV shows, which were essentially radio with pictures, or the first movies, which were just filmed plays.

It took some creative people to start understanding that these are totally new media and need to be treated as such. I hope the iPad gets its D. W. Griffith or Desi Arnaz/Karl Freund.