NSF funding research on Gulf oil spill

oil slick by marinephotobank

Gulf Oil Spill: NSF Awards Rapid Response Grant to Study Microbes’ Natural Degradation of Oil
[Via NSF News]

To understand how the use of dispersants impacts the degradation of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a rapid response grant to scientist David Valentine of the University of California at Santa Barbara and colleagues.

The massive release of oil from the Deepwater Horizon incident on April 20, 2010, has led to an unprecedented use of oil dispersants, which include a mix of surfactant compounds designed to dissolve oil and to prevent slick …


Nice to see some rapid funding of an ongoing event. This should provide some information regarding the effects of dispersants and microbes on the degradation of the slick.

Maybe this will be useful next time.

3 thoughts on “NSF funding research on Gulf oil spill

  1. Aren’t you grateful that the government is going to take over the oil spill>>!!

    1. Don’t see what this has to do with the NSF funding research over the spill. Where has anyone in the government detailed any plan to take over the spill? This is what they said today:

      Allen explained that the law requires BP to be responsible for the cleanup and that the federal government is responsible for making sure the company carries it out.

      “To push BP out of the way would raise the question to replace them with what?” Allen said.

      Allen explained that the company had the resources, skilled personnel and equipment that the government lacks to deal with the underwater flow.

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