Fact checking is popular

Memo to David Gregory
[Via Balloon Juice]

Fact-checking can be a good business strategy (Greg Sargent):

Has anyone else noticed that the Associated Press has been doing some strong fact-checking work lately, aggressively debunking all kinds of nonsense, in an authoritative way, without any of the usual he-said-she-said crap that often mars political reporting?

I asked AP Washington Bureau Chief Ron Fournier about this, and he told me something fascinating, if not all together unexpected: Their fact-checking efforts are almost uniformly the most clicked and most linked pieces they produce.

Journalistic fact-checking with authority, it turns out, is popular. Who woulda thunk it?

I’ve heard various theories about David Gregory’s refusal to allow fact-checking on “Meet the Press”, but none of them make sense to me.


The most clicked and the most linked. Real facts are actually newsworthy. Who woulda thunk it, exactly!

It has taken them this long to figure out that a lot of folks just want the facts. Well, at least some journalists seem to have the right idea.Perhaps there is hope for some of the news media after all.