Another cool iPad app for meetings – Keynote

201005191251.jpg Keynote (with laser) by Richard Gayle

Meetings are the place where I am seeing huge benefits for the iPad, especially if multitasking comes on board. Another area is presenting information, especially in small working groups.

I’ve used Keynote for many years and love it. Keynotes for iPad is not as mature but, after some adaptions, makes a quite good presentation app. I expect it will get better as it matures.

But it is so easy to set up the iPad to a projector, with the connection key. And run through slides. In a smallish group, say 15 or less, it helps maintain an informality that really helps move things along.

Plus Keynote has an included laser pointer! If you hold your finger down on the screen for a few seconds, a red, circular ‘laser’ dot appears that you can move around to underscore the points you are making.

Man, I am looking forward to the time when the Keynote app is really mature enough for very large, theater-style presentations – okay it is now but I want it to be as powerful as the desktop application. That will take a little bit of time.

Anyway, laser pointers are a necessary part of most scientific presentations. Where they are often poorly utilized – usually just random swirling by the presenter – and have a shirt battery life.

Not with Keynote. This laser will always precisely circle around exactly what you want and the battery life is not something to worry about.