$120 a year? I’ve got other things to do with my iPad

Hulu subscription plan for Apple iPad to arrive later than expected
[Via AppleInsider]

Originally rumored to launch as soon as next week, Hulu’s planned $10-a-month subscription service for advance content and access via an iPad application remains in the works.

In April, The Los Angeles Times reported that Hulu’s new service, dubbed Hulu Plus, would arrive as soon as May 24. But on Tuesday, Peter Kafka of MediaMemo cited people familiar with the online streaming service who said there is “no way” Hulu Plus will become available next week.


Nothing here about ad-free or not. At $120 a year, it had better be.

This was the key sentence for me:

It is said that Hulu’s business partners have pressured the service into subscription plans to “train” viewers that they should pay for online access to content.

About the only thing I have used Hulu for recently is to watch some SNL clips. I guess that will have to be some very compelling content.

And it will not be HTML5-based. I wonder how they will make this work. Quicktime?

Now, if Hulu had all the content that was available on cable, then I might be willing to stream something for $10 a month. But until it does, why should I pay for material I can already record and watch when I want?

Just to get it on my iPad? Well, I already have enough things to do with my iPad. This is not yet a compelling enough case.