Passing the iPad around – a new addition to my workflow

201005151650.jpg by Richard Gayle

The totally novel thing I have been able to do with my iPad is to pass it around. If I have a great paper or download a nice picture on my laptop during a meeting, it is a real pain to show everyone else. Either turn the laptop around so they can squint at the screen or try and pass a laptop around.

But this last week, I moved a detailed outline from Word to Pages and then put it on my iPad. After a little editing, I was ready for the meeting where I could hand my iPad to others and let them look at the outline, without needing a projector or any other device.

I could talk and they could easily follow.

This has been the most exciting addition to my workday – I can show someone an example of what I am talking about, an example they can interact with. This presents all sorts of possibilities.

People just love to hold the iPad. They enjoy interacting with it; we love to manipulate things. I hand it to them and let them look at the piece of work I want them to. I can talk, they can interact and often come up with questions that they just would not if I was standing up giving a presentation.

What I now want is the ability for me to beam a Pages document to someone else with an iPad and Pages. That way, when we all have iPads, I can simply come into a room, squirt my work directly to their iPads and then start the presentation, without having to set up a projector.

That would be cool.

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