Working hard to not monopolize

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“Most things are great so far. The reward we’ve reaped as a society for shoving greenbacks into…”

“Most things are great so far. The reward we’ve reaped as a society for shoving greenbacks into Apple’s bank account for the last decade is that we have much better stuff now. It’s the exact opposite effect we got from making Microsoft big.”

Mike Industries: A good problem to have


Be sure to read the entire article at Mike Industries. He has a lot more to say that is worth reading.

Probably the most cogent is that Apple is actually doing things that will keep it from becoming a monopoly, that it is actually working quite hard to make sure it does not create domination over 100% of the market, as Microsoft wanted to do:

It is this prescient and necessarily restrained motivation that reveals the true reason why Apple has closed up tighter over the last few years: it’s not to take control of the world. It’s specifically to separate themselves from a pack of companies they need as their competitors but want relegated to the lower margin areas of the market. Apple will stay closed as long as being closed is a net positive to their business. Until people either start abandoning their products because of this or the do the opposite and adopt their products at a rate which creates a monopoly, they will continue operating at their current clip: high innovation, high profits, and high control.

An interesting proposition. Become the third most capitalized corporation in America by NOT trying to become a monopoly, by charging higher prices than needed and by constantly innovating.

I figure this will last as long as Jobs is alive. I hope that whoever comes next understands this and is not just some graduate of a business school who has only sold things. That seems to be the background of a typical CEO.

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  1. I am not now, have never been and never will be a developer. All I know is my MACs have always done everything I wanted them to do with no problem whatsoever! Long Live Apple!!!!

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