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Fraser Speirs Is Back In
[Via Daring Fireball]

Fraser Speirs:

iPhone OS is the first mass-market operating system where consumers are no longer afraid to install software on their computers (I’m not counting read-only media software platforms like games consoles here). In a conversation recently, a friend recounted a scene that he passed by in an airport. Four fifty-something women were sitting at a cafe table discussing the latest apps they had downloaded on their iPod touches. New software can’t break your iPhone OS device and, if you don’t like it, total removal is only a couple of taps away.

Why not count the game consoles, though? That’s the best way to think of iPhone OS devices: app consoles.


Fraser’s article is a great explanation of how the computing ecosystem has changed with the release of the iPad. As he suggests, it is the taming of the Wild West where people may not be able to as easily forge their own paths but the stability of the settled towns provides a security that can overcome some restrictions on freedom.

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