[Updated]Luckily I’m a Steeleye Span fan

A wicked illusion
[Via Bad Astronomy]

This is a very cool short video showing a nifty little illusion. I had it figured out about 1/3 of the way through because, after all, I am a supergenius (or, more likely, I spent my youth and a goodly part of my adult life playing with illusions). Take a look:

2D/3D illusions like this are really fun, but also something to keep in mind with a lot in visual sciences; our brains are so easy to fool with such things, making us think objects are closer or farther, smaller or bigger, than they really are. If only most UFO enthusiasts could appreciate this…


This is a really nice demonstration of something called anamorphosis, which has been used by artists for hundreds of years.

I figured out pretty quickly where this was going because I first saw the use of anamorphosis on the cover of a Steeleye Span LP, All Around My Hat:


Tilting the cover to the right angle and the faces appear as normal.

And anyone who watches rugby or soccer games sees these sorts of things all the time. The advertising in the end of the field, and sometimes on it, looks normal from the perspective of the camera only because they are distorted on the field.

UPDATE: Here is another nice cube: