You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Dumbass Quote of the Day
[Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars]

A mind boggling quote from Michele Bachmann on Hannity’s show:

Bachmann: Oh sure, that’s all they have left now, is they use pejorative terms, hateful terms, against those who are carrying the message. So whether they’re attacking conservative talk radio, or conservative TV, or whether it’s Internet sites — I mean, let’s face it, what’s the Obama administration doing? They’re advocating net neutrality, which is essentially censorship of the Internet!

This is the Obama administration advocating censorship of the Internet. Why? They want to silence the voices that are opposing them.

Net neutrality is censorship of the internet? In what alternate universe?


Net neutrality means that everyones traffic on the net is the same; that big companies can not pay for their data to traverse the Internet any higher priority than yours or mine. Everyone can use it with equal access instead of the rich guys getting the full experience and everyone else getting crumbs.

So, net neutrality is the opposite of censorship. Net neutrality is essentially free speech. Those that advocate loss of net neutrality are against the equal speech rights of American citizens. They want to allow corporations equal access but not citizens.

They live in a weird world of Newspeak. Thank goodness for Orwell, so we have something to use when they outright lie.