Skygrid is the iPad app I have to get

Well, I got an answer to my question, where is everyone coming from? There is an app called SkyGrid, that is used to filter and aggregate news for people. Several people commented that is how they found the posts I wrote.

It looks like a nifty app and it has a very high 5 star:1 star ratio (141:8) for the current version.

So it will be in the hopper.

And a quick update on the blog and me. I’ve been writing this since 2002. I have a background in biochemistry, working for a couple of biotech companies, eventually as a VP, Research. I bought a Mac in 1984 while still a graduate student (still have it) and have had an interest in high tech since the early 70s. That has always made me one of the few biologists who loved math, etc. until recently.

So, I write on a variety of topics, mostly high tech/ Mac, biology/science and areas of scientific communication. The latter especially includes examination of types of research where denialists flock. I have spent 30 years in biology dealing with creationists, who have been denying science the longest. Now I spend some time on climate and green economics, as denialists congregate here also.

Come for the iPad stuff, I’m sure I will be writing about it a lot next week. This is the most excited I have been about a high tech product since the 128K Mac came out.

3 thoughts on “Skygrid is the iPad app I have to get

  1. Skygrid user here on my iPad. lol @ the MAC 128k comment. I remember how Excited I was when the Apple II hit the market and I finally bought enough IC chips to give it 64k hehe


  2. Another happy Skygrid user here. You won’t be disappointed by the app. Sometimes it’s a little redundant as you will get a link to an article and the next suggestion is a link to a tweet that links to the same article. Other than that it’s a great way to keep up to date with the newest news on your favorite topics. Be careful though as you could spend hours reading everything it keeps throwing at you.

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