More apps for my iPad

One of the nice things about waiting a few weeks is that I can check out all sorts of reviews and even watch some videos on Youtube. Why doesn’t every app maker put up a video showing the usage or game play or what have you about their app?

And by including the links, I can find them again if I want to. It is eay to get things lost at the iTunes store, although I can create a wish list, I guess.

IGN has some good reviews to read. Looks like Plants vs. Zombies will be on my iPad.

And Instapaper seems to be a very popular choice. How about AppAdvice to help me chose. And I have always loved Ambrosia Software so Mondo Solitaire will be there. WolframAlpha will do also.

Camera for iPad will let my iPhone send pictures to my iPad. Perhaps someone could tell me if LogMein Ignition is worth the $30.

Finally, Netfflix so I can watch my movies.