Interesting effect of the word iPad

I’ve noticed something very intriguing the last few days. If I talk about the iPad and put the word in my title, I get huge numbers of hits to the page. My two posts today each have 2 times the hits that my entire site had on Wednesday. The total number of hits if 5 times higher than on Wednesday.

But I can’t seem to tell where the hits are coming from. That is, the referer stats show absolutely no change in location or number. Nothing seems to be coming from search engines. I guess I’ll have to do a little more digging.

Where is everyone coming from?

5 thoughts on “Interesting effect of the word iPad

  1. I found on an iPad app called sky grid. They have a article tracker just for iPad news

  2. I’m using a great iPad app called SkyGrid that’s basically a continuously updated stream of links on a particular topic. The app itself is basically a web browser to view those links. I have iPad as one of the topics I’m interested in and your post showed up. I’m writing is comment right within SkyGrid. Very cool. I love browsing on this thing!

  3. I swear those other comments weren’t there when I started typing mine! SkyGrid rules!

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