How the iPad changes everything

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Tonight on Fox31: Georgia TV station buys iPads for news anchors
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Someone at Fox affiliate WFXL in Albany, GA must have had the brilliant insight that an iPad looks a lot like a pad of paper. That insight is going to save the TV station about $9,600 per year.

WFXL purchased 6 iPads to replace the paper scripts that their news anchors use. According to News Director and anchorman Terry Graham, the station is expected to save hundreds of thousands of sheets of paper every year. The scripts are composed in their usual manner, but instead of printing the files, they’re now formatted as PDFs and emailed to the iPads.


The Ipads will be replacing the tons of paper that the station used, permitting them to rapidly move needed information to the anchors. ANd, by leveraging social media, they can also provide the with such things as real-time twitter feed on the broadcast, polls and other direct feedback tools to its reporters.

Medicine has already started using these. Now the news media. WHat other industries will be changed?