Time to open a can of whoop-ass

whoop-ass by Yodel Anecdotal

Since we may not be able to put people away for some of the shenanigans they pulled, we should be identifying them and working to shun them or at least make sure they lose their jobs. Here are some from the Republican side:

And some from the Democratic side:

The legislative language was complex, but the vote was understood as a simple question: Should big banks be broken up so that they no longer pose a risk to the financial system?

Eight Democrats and one Republican joined Sanders, but the measure failed by a 12-10 vote. Four Democrats opposed the amendment, standing with the big banks: Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (N.D.), Bill Nelson (D-N.D.), Mark Begich (Alaska) and Mark Warner (Va.). [My bold]

Here is the purpose of the amendment:

Purpose: The amendment would create a deficit-neutral reserve fund for legislation that would break-up too-big-to-fail financial institutions that pose a catastrophic risk to the economy.   

The combination of those 4 Democrats with the 8 Republican votes on the committee made sure that an amendment one that would prevent banks from becoming so large that their failure threatened the entire health of the US economy – failed.

Interestingly, John Comyn is on the committee, voting against the amendment with the other 8 Republicans and he is also in the video.

I wonder how much the financial lobbyists are helping him raise?

Apparently he believes banks should be allowed to swindle money from people by lying to them about risk, while making back room deals with cronies to reserve huge piles of money for themselves, and then extort money from the American taxpayer for help because they are too big to fail.

I guess he feels sympathy towards business models that are based on bilking people.

My List: John Comyn (Tx), Richard Burr (NC) Kent Conrad (ND), Bill Nelson (ND), Mark Begich (Alaska), Mark Warner (Va).