[Updated] My favorite new conspiracy theory starring Verizon, Microsoft and McAfee

train wreck by State Records NSW

The Microsoft Tax: McAfee correctly identifies Windows as malware; Macintosh unaffected
[Via MacDailyNews]

Computers in companies, hospitals and schools around the world got stuck repeatedly rebooting themselves Wednesday after [a McAfee] antivirus program identified a normal Windows file as a virus,” Peter Svensson reports for The Associated Press.

“About a third of the hospitals in Rhode Island were forced to stop treating patients without traumas in emergency rooms,” Svensson reports.


I wonder if this had anything to do with Verizon’s email servers being down nationwide yesterday. A third of the Windows computers at the University of Michigan’s medical school were down. Same with hospitals in Rhode Island. Police computers were off line.

All because the anti-virus software saw parts of Windows as malware. So it bricked the computer. Or at least that is what some people are saying.

And the fix is something that really only a tech-savvy person could easily do.

Wouldn’t it be awe-inspiring if Verizon has some Windows machines sitting in mission critical locations in the email server network. The McAfee software identifies Windows as malware and reboots. Thus starting a chain reaction as the Windows machines continually reboot, resulting in the servers themselves going down.

Not only could it take some time to identify the problem but also a lot of time applying the fix. Thus why it took 4-5 hours to resolve the problems.

I know this is unlikely.

But then I read that Intel was hit also and I started to wonder if my improbable might be possible. It would certainly explain why the Verizon email network seems to keep having such problems with outages. The ultimate irony would be that our Internet could possibly be brought down not through cyber terrorism but a stupid software glitch.

I can think “If only they had Macs.”

[UPDATE] Someone pointed out that Verizon has a deal with Mcafee to provide virus security for its users. So there actually is a connection there. And this Engadget article indicates that McAfee put the boner update on their commercial servers at 6 am PST. My last email before the outage was at 7:13 am PST. Coincidence?

The great thing about good conspiracy theories is that even random things can be made to sound ominous. I wonder if ATT uses Mcafee and Windows?

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  1. :) this is so funny i don’t know about the victims but this is a big headache and with this practice all laptops to be saled with McAfee included many people will be victims like them.

  2. I was a Day One owner of the iPhone, and I have to say I too bought into the hype of Apple and I al glad I did. However with the introduction of the iPad, I have learned a few things about Apple’s Mind set. They are going to release the basic version and in a year they will add even more amazing features. (this is true of most tech) What makes my hesitation stronger with this product is where we are with Technology. Sprint in on the verge of the 4G network, Korea has a 5G network and current web camera technology is easily capable with the 3G speeds of today. So why no built in Web Camera? This one feature and the increase in transmission speeds will transform the industry completely. Phones could be obsolete and video phones the way of the future…

    1. Oh, I expect we will have a new iPad with camera come the fall or whenever iPhone OS 4 gets released. It is always too easy to wait for the next best form of technology. There will always be a better version. I always look to see how useful it is to me now. And the iPad is very useful, even without 3G.

      The problem with the US system is how slow we are in getting the telecos to actually upgrade their system. So I figure it will take a few more years to get 4G up and going.

      But the iPad is actually very useful just with Wifi, which is much faster than anything the is cell phone based. Access to Wifi hotspots is getting much easier. I thin that will actually be a major route for access of mobile devices for quite some time in the US.

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