Centenarian with an iPad

99 year old lady uses an iPad, calls it “addicting” [Video]
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When you get to be the ripe old age of 99, are you a woman, or a lady? Hmmm, we’ll go with lady. Regardless, this video of 99 year old Virginia Campbell using her first computer, an iPad no less, is pretty neat. She’s reportedly read 2 books on the device thus far while writing 12 limericks as well.

But what makes the story so compelling is that Virginia is battling glaucoma, a condition which has hampered her ability to read and write, two of her favorite pastimes.

That said, one of Virginia’s limericks was a tribute to the iPad, the “addicting” device that has helped her get back to doing some of the things she loves.

To this technical-ninny it’s clear
In my compromised 100th year,
That to read and to write
Are again within sight
Of this Apple iPad pioneer

Pretty incredible, and if it brings a smile to your face, just imagine how what the folks who worked on the device over at Apple must be feeling when they see something like this.

Fox12 Oregon picked up the story as well. Check out the clip below.

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Pretty amazing to think what this woman has seen in her life. This, however, was pretty neat.

She first was hovered over by the other ladies who were all trying to show her how to use it. But what was just amazing to watch was what she did with it when people left her alone. She asked questions that she answered herself. etc.

We had a earlier video about a young child getting the idea of the iPad. Here we have someone at the opposite end of her life, getting to work with her first computer, and taking to it right away. “Now I can read again.”

This is how revolutions are started.

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  1. Thanks for the video! It’s so cute and inspiring to see how this old woman manages with such a high-tech gadget as iPad. I admire that she is so curious and lively at her 100th year. I wish all old people were so full of joy of life as Virginia.

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