UPDATED: Everybody sucks sometimes. Today it is verizon.

sucks by Sister72

All my verizon.net email accounts have been dead since 7 am today. Over 4 hours with no ability to send or receive email. And it is a pretty bad outage, as even trying to use the web-based pages do not work. In fact, if I try and log-on via the web, it immediately tells me my session has timed out.

Really screwed up and no real information from Verizon. Tried to chat with an expert in support and got a notice that all their people were busy. I’ll bet. The phone lines are all jammed up also. Finally found a community forum at Verizon that demonstrated that this is nationwide.

And. yet, the iDSL still works and I can check out the Verizon status page, over 4 hours since I noticed this states “mail – nothing to report.”

Of course, I only found out about the forum (it was pretty buried) by searching Google foe “Verizon email outage.” Interestingly, Verizon suffered a huge email outage almost exactly 1 year ago, on April 20, 2009. Seems this happens with some regularity.

People may complain about ATT’s wireless service but I have these sorts of things a couple of times a month with Verizon, although none of them have lasted this long. Usually the inability to access or send mail reappears inside of an hour.

How’s ATT’s email? Do they have semi-regular outages like this?

[UPDATE: it is about 1 PM and it looks like things are returning to normal. I can access my email both through the web and mail clients. I really wish Verizon had been a little more transparent about all of this. It would be nice to get an email from them explaining everything.]

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  1. After many clicks and delays a polite man with a Timbuktu accent told me that the Verizon email problem was system wide.
    Nice to know. I wonder how other services are doing.

    1. Verizon finally put up a message on the forums that there was an outage in email – at 11:21, about 4 hours after I first noticed the problem.

      It is now 1 PM and it looks like most things are returning to normal. I can access webmail and my email clients seem to be back. I do know that some emails bounced – people called me. Hope they get resent.

      Still nothing official from Verizon to me. It would be nice if I got an email apologizing for the outage and maybe offering an adjustment to my bill.

  2. Thanks for sharing your pain online. Someone has to take up the slack when Verizon’s main site doesn’t mention this problem, which it didn’t the last time I checked (I’m in Northern Virginia). I found the same messages on the forums, but it’s reassuring to see more details. Props to your Sustainable blog too (I surfed over).

  3. Still out in Santa Monica, CA and has been all day — no send or receive on verizon.net email acct.

    Just chatted with a Verizon rep and he said that a major line had been cut in “my” area . . . no time given for restoration of service.

    Info sure is hard to come by with them . . .

    1. That is sure lousy. I’m used to large storms downing power lines and such. But at least then there is some sort of excuse. Not knowing why is really frustrating. I’m hoping mine stays up. At least I got an email notification that you left a comment ;-)

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