Every luggage company should do a similar video

My New Carry-On- Eagle Creek Tarmac 22
[Via chrisbrogan.com]

The other day I was complaining about my carry-on luggage. I’d just purchased a new Samsonite bag and it wasn’t working nearly as well as my much larger version of the same bag. My friend Mitch Joel told me that he had just the bag I should buy: the Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 (affiliate link). So, I did. And I have to admit, when it came in, I wasn’t very impressed. Frankly, it looked really tiny, and I was worried things wouldn’t fit into it. Then, I tried it out. Here’s a video I shot of unpacking the bag:

It’s amazing how much stuff I got into that bag. I’m in love. It functions exactly the way I wanted it to work, and better. I’m grateful to Mitch Joel for turning me on to it.


Chris does a great job selling this, especially with his enthusiasm. It is something a smart luggage company would use to market their goods. It really demonstrates the key oint of this piece: it’s ability to carry a lot of clothing efficiently.

Especially in this day of increased fees for all sorts of luggage.